Human Resources Policy


Human Resources are at an employee’s side at every stage of their career: from recruitment and induction, to monitoring and development of skills as their career progresses.
In addition to technical skills, we place great value on human values in all areas of our organisation.
We take pride in the quality of our employees’ work and in their well-being. We use all the means at our disposal to find new solutions for improving our employees’ working conditions. By preventing accidents at work and occupational illness, by empowering our employees and their managers with responsibility for health and safety at work, we ensure our employees experience a high-quality working environment, thus enabling them to be fully committed to providing the service our customers demand worldwide.


Fillon Technologies is a business on a human scale. Its employees share a strong set of values. Although firmly committed to the present we continually prepare for our customers’ and employees’ future.


Throughout the world, whether on production lines, in administration or sales, our staff are living proof of a universal openness and a universal desire to share.


Listening and engaging in dialogue allows us to become truly effective. The exchange of ideas in a human environment is a source of wealth, reflecting our diversity and stimulating our activities.


The quality of our workforce is a strength. Our employees are the engine of our organisation, ensuring that it continues to be different.